Odin & The Nine Realms Oracle By Sonja Grace


Norse mythology is rich with meaning and symbolism carried down through the ages.Diving deep into the profound wisdom of the nordic traditions, odin and the nine realms oracle presents a unique divination tool created by mystic and healer sonja grace.Inspired by sonjas ability to communicate with the norse gods and spirit travel back in time, this deck of 54 cards features the famed norse gods odin, thor, loki, and goddess freyja alongside some of the lesser known but equally powerful deities such as frigg, rn, tyr, and baldur.The cards evoke the mysteries of the nine realms of asgard, midgard, vanaheim, jotunheim, nlflheim, muspelheim, alfheim, svartalfheim, and hel.These nine worlds are held in the branches and roots of the great tree of yggdrasil, the world tree located at the very center of the universe.Also depicted in these oracle cards are 24 runes, among them gebo (gift), naudiz (need), and wunjo (joy), each one with a meaning and purpose that can stand singularly and in combination with other cards drawn from the deck.A 5.2" x 7.5" box with 54 cards and guidebook.