Pine Oil 2 Dram


Our pine oil possesses the essence of the tree of the same name, leaving it with many of the same properties and powers found therein.With an unmistakably sweet and earthy fragrance, it makes a fantastic addition to many earth-based spells and rituals.In this way, it is most commonly used in spells and rituals wherein you are seeking strength and grounding, finding this virtue and balance from within the oil's earthy nature.So too is it frequently used in spells and rituals of cleansing, seeking to balance out and remove the negative influences of an object, person, or place.Interestingly, many also use our pine oil as a representative of the element of air, with the rich fragrance conjuring thoughts of wind whispering through a forest.Naturally, it is also a favorite oil used on a diffuser or in anointing during the celebration of yule.This is a 2 dram bottle of pure anointing oil, for external use only.Made in usa.