Secrets Of The Witch (hc) By Legere, Whyte & Perez


Since ancient times, magic and witchcraft have inspired both fear and fascination.More recently, witchcraft has become a popular symbol for feminist empowerment.Everything a young witch needs to know is contained in secrets of the witch.Uncover the meaning and history behind magical tools and symbols such as cauldrons and pentagrams, find out the truths of the salem witch trials and learn about witches in popular culture, from the ancient figure of circe to hermione granger.Part history, part spellbook, this magical compendium gives a fascinating insight into the lives and practices of witches throughout time and from all over the world.Initiates to the ways of the witch will learn the stories of legendary and real-life witches, as well as how to make their own talisman, how to use magical crystals and plants, which familiar is right for them and so much more.Aspiring witches 9 years and older will find this an invaluable and empowering guide, filled with authentic detail and strikingly illustrated.A 8.4" x 10.6" hard cover book with 80 pages.