Wild Witch, Earth Magic (hc) By Marian Green


A wild witch is someone who has discovered the true source of magic.She finds her magic in the elements of the earth, the ways of healing herbs and scented flowers, the oceans tides, the cycle of the moon, and the energies of the planets.By becoming intimate with nature, a wild witch comes to see the living spirits in all thingseverything is alive.She learns that these spirits must be honored and then they will act as trustworthy guides.In essence a wild witch is a child of nature, a wise woman, a lore master, and a healer.In this book you will learn how to use: herbs, plants, and trees the element of fire through candle magic and spell casting the hidden spirit of water through purification, dosing, and scrying the language of flowers and scents the rhythms of nature, the seasons cycles, and rituals of sacred days embrace your wild witch and rediscover the natural magic in your life.A 5.8" x 6.8" hard cover book with 208 pages.