Nakhti Meditation: Book of Mantras for Protection, Purification, & Manifestation


From Kali J.N.S, a scholar and founder of Nakhti University, Nakhti Meditation offers a collation of powerful mantras focused on purification, protection, and manifestation.

 The book presents readers with a guide on the origin, meaning, and benefits of various mantras to help them on their journey toward personal growth. The mantras are offered in a simple format that can be referenced at any time of the day.

 For thousands of years, humans created mantras with the goal of spiritual intentions, and mantras are believed to assist humans in self-discovery, purification, protection, love, peace, knowledge, and manifestation. 

 The use, structure, and types of mantras vary according to the philosophy from which they originate from. The mantras covered in this book will be from Hinduism, Buddhism, and the Nakhti philosophy. There are many reasons why you can use a mantra, but this book will focus on the ones used for protection, purification, and manifestation. These mantras are powerful, and some have been around for thousands of years.

 I have studied mantras for ten years, and it is a pleasure to collate some of them for others to learn about and possibly use. For those new to meditation or those who have a strong meditation practice, learning about mantras and their meaning in the Nakhti Meditation can lead to higher levels of peace, emotional intelligence, empowerment, and confidence.

Benefits of Nakhti Meditation:

  • Great for Meditations
  • Great for Scholar endeavors
  • Compact size is ideal for taking on the go
  • It makes a beautiful gift
  • A perfect book to start or end your day with


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