Based in the South, we have a deep passion for high quality spiritual products, and authentic conjure. Nakhti was founded by Kali J.N.S, a spiritual intuitive, scholar and philosopher. She is the the author of The Nakhti Philosophy, which focuses on teaching humans how to control the content of their consciousness using several methods that can help them transmute inauspiciousness, manifest their desires quicker and alleviate dissatisfaction in their lives. 

Nakhti is an Egyptian word for strength and power. Keeping this definition in mind, Nakhti was founded on the premises of helping to empower others to bring their goals into fruition and to teach others  how to change their state of consciousness.

 Kali J.N.S has a passion for the divine and humanity and seeks to bridge the gap between the two by assisting others on their spiritual journeys by providing original teachings, metaphysical modalities, books, and spiritual services. She is also the author of Nakhti Queen Mothership.
Spirituality has been a calling on her life for the last 8 years,  and she enjoys reading for her clients, writing,  and teaching. 
Kali J.N.S