A To Z Of Dreams By Michael Johnstone


The intriguing world of dreams and dream interpretations has fascinated us for thousands of years.Can dreams help us deal with past experiences, or even guide us on our way in the future? what relevance do they have in our everyday life? the a to z dream dictionary answers these questions with its comprehensive and fully cross-referenced listing of dream images and symbols.Each listing is divided into three sections, and reveals how these images can have significance in key areas of our lives, while the fully up-to-date interpretations reflect our changing experience of the world in the 21st century.At nearly 400 pages, this durable, portable, spiral-bound book, lists hundreds of objects, people, and situations that are common in dreams.The book is organized alphabetically for easy navigation.Each dream subject is analyzed and interpreted to give readers the ability to get to know themselves better, through their dreams.This book makes an excellent gift, and is a powerful addition to any self-reflective reader's library.