Book Of Blessings & Rituals (hc) By Athena Perrakis


Drawing from different world traditions, leading metaphysical teacher athena perrakis presents blessings to cover a wide array of occasions and intentions, including holidays and sacred days, love, healing, protection, prosperity and success, lunar blessings and rituals, and manifestation.Organized by month, you'll be able to celebrate the sacred all year long.Diy projects and rituals will help you perform each blessing.Youll learn how to construct medicine bundles and altars, which crystals to use to amplify the rituals or clear energy, and how to smudge for clearing and protection.In addition, youll learn how to use the power of invocations and blessings to set the energy of your home or event and to assist in amplifying goals and intentions.Deepen your experience of the sacred, find inspiration, and heal with this non-denominational guide to blessings and rituals.A 6" x 8" hardcover book with 144 pages.