Cedarwood Oil 2 Dram


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Our cedarwood oil is a potent aid to spells and rituals involving purification, healing, and the removal of hexes.Use it in ritual to purify the home, yourself, or another and spells where you are seeking to cleanse yourself, your home, or another of negative energies and spirits.With this ability to purify, it also makes an excellent aid in spells of healing, helping to keep that which is being healed from becoming "infected" with negative energy.It also makes an excellent aid in rituals and spells wherein you are trying to remove the curses and negative spells, and help keep away the attention of evil spirits and evil intentions.Cedarwood oil can also be used to represent the element of air in your rituals, helping you to draw upon this element's power, and is sometimes used during celebrations of yule, both as an anointing oil and a diffused oil.This is a 2 dram bottle of anointing oil, for external use only.Made in usa.