Celtic Book Of Dying By Phyllida Anam-aire


In a celtic book of dying, phyllida details the celtic rituals of honoring death and dying, revealing how these rituals act as a catalyst that allows the change of form for our essence to pass on into the afterlife.She shows how becoming familiar with the dying process and acknowledging our own personal death forms an important aspect of preparing for this natural transformation.The author guides us with reflective questions, exercises, and meditations to help us become aware of and evaluate our own beliefs, attitudes, and fears around dying and learn to live our life more con­sciously and with joy.Once we have come to terms with our own passing, we will also find it easier to assist family and friends in their last hours.Phyllida presents the sacred meditation of traveling with the dead as held by an anam-ire or soul carer.She also offers suggestions for celtic rituals, prayers, and ­blessings for support.She addresses many practical questions around care for the dying during and after the process, including the importance of silence.A practical yet soulful guidebook, a celtic book of dying deepens our spiritual understanding of the internal journey of the dying and the adventurous after-death journey to come.Through the eyes of an anam-ire, we see death not as the end or something to be feared, but just as the moment of being called home again.A 6" x 9" paperback book with 208 pages.