Crone's Book Of Magical Words By Valerie Worth


Crone's book of magical words (previously published as the crone's book of words) by valerie worth is the book you've been waiting for! in its pages are over 125 spells, incantations, and charms.If you can think of a purpose for a spell, it's probably in this book.Need a spell to summon a ghost? or perhaps you want the opposite: a spell to free a house from being haunted.They're both in this book.Do you need something to help you lose weight or have longevity? you'll find them here.Or perhaps you want to pass through a locked door.It's all in this book.Even if you don't know a thing about magic, you can use this book.The spells are easy, poetic, and evocative.A 5.1 x 7.9 paperback book with 168 pages.