Divination Conjure Style By Starr Casas


In divination conjure style starr casas shares the secrets of conjure-style divination that she learned at home and that, until very recently, were family secrets that were only transmitted orally.Traditional conjure is the domain of the poor and disenfranchised, living in regions that were (and remain) unfriendly to esotericism and the occult.Thus, conjure divination relies on inexpensive tools that are not exclusively magical: playing cards, rather than tarot cards, or scrying with blue water instead of a crystal ball.The primary focus of divination conjure style is playing-card divination, but other methods covered include bibliomancy, pyromancy, pendulums, and throwing the bones.Starr discusses the history of these methods and also offers practical information so that the reader can master these techniques for themselves.Josef bailey, a young new orleans artist, has created illustrations of conjure-style playing cards to starrs specifications.A 6" x 9" soft cover book with 256 pages.