Fourteen Holy Helpers By Christiane Stamm


In this guide to invoking the fourteen holy helpers, christiane stamm presents modern updated versions of the medieval prayers of the holy helpers, which were transmitted to her directly from the spirit world.She explains how, even though these 14 saints are connected to catholic belief, their invoked powers connect to the original energies dwelling within humans and the earth and calling on them works as a form of natural magic.She shares short biographies of each saint and details how to access their powers of healing and protection through writing out and reciting their specific prayers during the full moon.The author shares 15 prayers, one for each holy helper, used to support healing for specific ailments or issues, and one prayer that is especially powerful because it calls on all 14 helpers together.For each prayer she recommends a healing stone that can be added to further enhance the effect.A 5.75" x 8.25" paperback book with 112 pages.


Type: Crystals Stones & Gemstones