Gateways To The Soul By Serge Beddington-behrens


Humanity is in a great crisis of soul today, but there is also much good will around.As a species, we are challenged to start embracing a new story, one that enables us to be less greedy and materialistic and to espouse peace not war, kindness not cruelty, and heart as opposed to indifference.What we need is to bring more soul into the world.In this guide about engaging in inner work to bring change into the world, dr.Serge beddington-behrens reveals how the healing of our personal wounds combined with the growing of our soul life leads us directly to the addressing of world problems.Sharing inspirational stories from his own personal journey of becoming a transpersonal psychotherapist, shaman, and activist, he shows you how, by transforming your inner world, you begin creating important positive ripples that reverberate around all areas of your outer one.The exercises and meditations he has devised will not only help you heal and become more fully human but also enable you to bring a very different kind of awareness, a sacred awareness, into all areas of your everyday life.Not only will this enable you to experience more joy and meaning as you increasingly disconnect from the clutches of the system, but you will also find yourself opening your heart, reclaiming your personal power, bringing in new myths for humanity to live by, and gradually shifting away from being part of the problems in the world to becoming a core part of their solution.A 6 x 9 paperback book with 304 pages.