Hoodoo Cleansing & Protection Magic By Miss Aida


Does your house feel a little wonky? is someone giving you the evil eye? are you just having a run of bad luck or have you been cursed? miss aida answers all these questions and more.In hoodoo cleansing and protection magic, miss aida offers sound, practical advice for all sorts of dicey situations, large and small.The book is filled with rituals, spells, and miss aidas own personal magical formulas for removing negative energies, breaking malevolent spells, and banishing harmful people so that you can take control and live your best life.A seasoned magical practitioner from an eclectic background, miss aida shares her own psychic and spiritual experiences in order to help you cleanse and protect your space, aura, and loved ones.Within these pages, you will learn how to: avoid and protect yourself from negative entities understand unpleasant, negative, and predatory people and take action against them break a cycle of bad luck distinguish reputable ghost hunters from frauds and amateurs recognize bewitched or possessed objects and remove their effects.A 5.2" x 8.5" paperback book with 240 pages.