How To Make Bad Things Happen To Awful People By Deborah Grey


Life is beautiful but crossing paths with awful people can make your life a misery.It is a fact.Some people are beasts.This is a little book of 101 humorous hexes, protection spells, and banishing incantations.Gray helps readers to get back at errant boyfriends, dream-sabotaging scoundrels, and back-stabbing bitchy gossips.Spell titles include dragon slayer, nanny no go, dirty rotten scoundrel, troll stalker, and jinx off.This is a high-spirited, fun, magical romp.The goal here is not only to have a good time but also to get your mojo back, re-learn the importance of laughing out loud, and regain your personal power.Let's face it: some people are just horrible beasts.Why not live your life free from the stress while getting back at that love rat who dumped you or the toady traitor who sabotaged your dreams? revenge may not be sweet, but it sure packs a punch against your enemies.A 5.4" x 6.1" paperback book with 128 pages.