Introduction To Magic By Julius Evola


This volume, the third in the series, complements the first two, yet they are not strictly sequential, and their contents can be read in any order.Volume iii, more than the others, bears the personal stamp of julius evola.In its pages youll discover that the magic of the ur group has nothing to do with sorcery or superstition.It was their term for an active and affirmative attitude toward individual development handed down from a primordial tradition and discernible in alchemy, hermetism, esoteric religious doctrines, indigenous practices, tantra, taoism, buddhism, vedanta, and the pagan mysteries of the west.Its goal was the absolute individual, the immortal and divine potential that requires rare gifts and extraordinary efforts for its realization.However, there is incalculable value in this volume even for the less heroic.By studying the practices and realizations within, the reader will be liberated from conventional dogmas--religious, political, scientific, and psychological--and see with the clearer eye of realization.A 6" x 9" paperback book with 464 pages.