Modern Meditations By Murray Duplessis


Journey within, exploring personal growth and wellbeing via this book's collection of easy-to-follow, experiential meditations.Even if you've questioned your ability to meditate due to poor concentration, modern meditations has an array of methods to keep you engaged.Here, you will find the tools and techniques to effortlessly enter deep, revealing states of consciousness.Murray du plessis shows how to meditate effectively through creative thinking, rather than emptiness of mind.Organized into twelves spiritual fields-including relaxation, healing, abundance, and transformation-modern meditations helps you easily find the meditation that matches your needs.This comprehensive guide encourages inner adventure and discovery through walking meditations, energy work, visualizations, affirmations, and explorations of dimensions both within and beyond.Murray's guided commentaries offer colorful pathways back to your essence, inspiring a world of peace, love, and happiness within.A 5.2" x 7.95" paperback book with 278 pages.