Moon Power, Lunar Rituals By Simone Butler


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Moon power's 12 chapters each represent a moon sign.The introduction describes what's meant by moon power, provides some history about ancient moon worship, and explains why it went underground.The basics of moon phases and the meaning of new and full moons are explained.Simple rituals for connecting with the power of the moon are included.The book offers guidance on working with each sign as the moon passes through it (i.E.When the moon is in aries, take assertive action, but watch impulsivity).Each chapter includes a profile of a powerful woman who typifies her lunar sign (angelina jolie, aries moon; malala yousafzai, libra moon).A goddess and power animal for each moon sign and activities and rituals for connecting with their energy during certain moon phases are also provided.Moon power will inspire women to recognize and develop their lunar nature.It will show them how, through reflection, ritual, and purposeful action, to understand their emotional nature and inner selves more deeply.