Nakhti Queen Mothership, Kali J.N.S: 9780578754086


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 Queen mothership was a concept that governed Africa before colonialism. The Queen Mothership was based on dual rulership between male and female, and multi-level governance with a matrix of ethics to revere the divine feminine as well as masculine. Queen Mothers were once critical political figures who held authority and even considered to be autonomous rulers. The overthrow of the Queen Mother Ship occurred during the beginning of the slave trade in Africa. It inadvertently led to our demise and imbalance between male and female relationship dynamics.

The Nakhti Queen Mothership was written to restore balance and healing for those who seek transcendence and need answers for how we got into a subjugated state and need answers on how we can heal. I also give examples of where the Queen mothership took place in Africa and the geographical reasons for why this system came into place.Lastly, there is a call to reinstate the Queen Mothership philosophy for healing and restoration of the nuclear family through Black women liberating herself, and tenants centered around structured cultural values and self-love. The women are the first teachers of children. Once the women become enlightened, her wisdom trickles downs to her children, ultimately reshaping the consciousness of the future generation. The men are to delight and support the women in their enlightenment so they can reap the benefits in their household.

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