Power Of Stretching (hc) By Bob Doto


Stretching is accessible to anyone, is quick and easy, can be done in most environments, and has proven to relieve pain, increase rates of recovery, as well as help manage stress and anxiety.With the power of stretching, quickly gain an understanding of this powerful tool.First, you'll learn: why we stretch and why it feels good the basic anatomy of stretching the benefits of stretching general guidelines for performing stretches then find out how to stretch every part of your body using 60 different stretches, with a color-coded map of the regions of the body to use as a reference.Each stretch discussed includes an image, bulleted instructions, and helpful notes and tips.Another section helps you pinpoint the stretches that are right for you based on common occupational and sports activity profiles, along with common injury profiles.Each entry provides information on how the activity or injury relates to the body, interesting facts and statistics, as well as references to the appropriate stretches for rehabilitation.Feel better faster with this elegantly designed guide to stretching.A 6.6" x 8.6" hard cover book with 128 pages.