Sandalwood Oil 2 Dram


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Our sandalwood oil captures the essence of the famed incense and plant of the same name, leaving it with many of the same properties and powers.This makes it perfect when used in spells and rituals of spirituality and healing.Use it in your spells and rituals to aid in meditative exploration, seeking to expand your spiritual awareness and understanding, making it a tremendous aid in healing as the deeper understanding it helps provide can indeed lead to greater wisdom and awareness and therefore greater healing.Sandalwood oil can also be used to represent the astrological signs of cancer, virgo, and pisces as well as the element of air in your ritual magick, helping you to draw on the properties that each sign or element represents.This is a 2 dram bottle of pure anointing oil, blended with a natural oil base, such as almond oil, and is for external use only.Made in usa.