Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle (dk & Bk) By Lisa Estabrook


In this high-vibration, full-color deck, artist and plant whisperer lisa estabrook presents 44 beautiful and vivid soulflower oracle cards, along with empowering and insightful messages from each cards plant spirit, to help you tend the garden of your soul.The cards are designed to help you remember the simple truth that all of nature is sharing--that we are cyclical beings intimately entwined with the earth and all of life.Working with the cards will help you connect directly to your own inner wisdom, your intuition, like a mirror reflecting back at you the truth of whats in your heart.For example, chamomile reflects the soul quality of stability and its plant spirit reveals how, even on a cloudy day, the sun is still shining--it is just obscured.For bleeding heart, the soul quality is independence and its plant spirit helps you to recognize and strengthen the true source of your hearts power.5.2" x 7.5" with 44 cards and a guidebook.

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