Spiritualism & Clairvoyance Beginners By Elizabeth Owens


Spiritualism & clairvoyance for beginners clairvoyance is the ability to see things using psychic perception rather than your physical senses.Clairvoyant images may be experienced as scenes, symbols, words, numbers, colors, or even spirits.This positive and encouraging guidebook shows that with patience and practice, clairvoyance is possible for everyone.Spiritualist medium and popular author elizabeth owens offers simple techniques and a step-by-step approach to developing clairvoyant abilities at your own pace.Along with a straightforward explanation of different psychic abilities, elizabeth shares first-hand accounts of clairvoyant experiences that she and six other spiritualist mediums have encountered in their own lives.This book includes a system of progressive learning exercises that start with meditation and continue with memory development, visualization, and symbol interpretation.The handy workbook format provides space for recording your own experiences.Using clairvoyance, you can make your daily life more colorful and interesting, gain valuable insights into new or difficult situations, and experience greater understanding of your own spiritual nature.Paperback english | 192 pages | 5 x8.