The Nakhti Philosophy: Stream of Consciousness for the Coming Civilization


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The Nakhti spiritual philosophy details how to let consciousness choose the mind's vitu (content) versus letting vitu program one's state of consciousness. Nakhti exists to assist humans in dealing with the impermanence and duality of life. Vitu means content that is generated from the five senses while living on planet earth.

The first step in Nakhti philosophy is the process of Self-assessment via filling out the Chati of Self graph to get a snapshot of the vitu driving your current state of consciousness. 

There are four chambers in the Chati of self: The Files, ROM, Hard Drive, and Motherboard. Vitu in your life should be listed in each chamber according to type (auspicious and inauspicious) and the chamber you felt it impacted the most. Definitions of these chambers, instructions, and examples are detailed in the book.

Nakhti spiritual philosophy will also detail the main causes of dissatisfaction in the human experience, which is non-acknowledgment of the nature of vitu is impermanence and duality, and identification with vitu. These reasons cause fleeting perceptions of happiness and distress. After this lesson, Nakhti details two methods that help one acknowledge the nature of vitu and become less identified with vitu. These two methods are transmutation of vitu and equanimity. Transmutation and equanimity are described in detail in Chapter three.

 For successful transmutation of vitu, you will need to honestly choose your current state of consciousness listed on the Pyramid of Kupanda and the state of consciousness you would like to be on. There are seven states of consciousness, with the base of the pyramid (Kam) being the lowest form of consciousness. ... Purchase to read more. 

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