Tut Language Sight Words and Spelling Workbook for Kids: Letter Tracing & Practice of the Tut Alphabet


This TUT language sight Workbook is for Black American (Freedman, Copper Indigenous of North America, FBA, ADOS) children and young adults to learn and practice the Tut language that our ancestors created in the 18th century in the southern states of America. Our ancestors used Tut Language in secrecy to help them learn to read and write when literacy was illegal for our lineage.

The obscurity of this language almost led to its death, but our lovely ancestor Gloria McIlwain created the world's first comprehensive book on TUT Language that covers the history of this nearly extinct language. Gloria McIlwain's book, "TUT Language," is currently cited in the Journal of the American Dialect Society and edited and published at Duke University and the San Jose Mercury News.

This workbook is inspired by her original work and uses her Tut alphabet as a reference. Keep hope alive! We must honor our ancestors and teach the next generation of children the Tut language.

Level 1: Establishes the basics of letter printing or handwriting
  • Tut Alphabet
Level 2: Simple Tut Sight Words
  • Application of the basics of letter writing to form words in Tut
  • Visual and physical involvement teaches children to recognize the Tut spelling of words on sight.

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