Ulitnate Guide To Witchcraft By Anjou Kiernam


Magic is not for the select few.We all have the ability to connect to the power of the natural and supernatural worlds to support our intentions.Blending ancient practices with modern context, this guide gives aspiring witches a practical, easy-to-follow path through the study of natural witchcraft and ritual.Whether you are looking to commune with spirits across the veil, need an amulet for protection, wish to build your magical apothecary, create a grimoire, or curate a crystal collection for vibrational work, this guide will empower and inform your craft.Learn how to harness the power of the moon, elements, and seasons to amplify your spells and divination work.Whether for personal development or spiritual enlightenment, the ultimate guide to witchcraft is the perfect guide for teaching you how to tap into your own magic and apply its alchemy to your life.A 9.9" x 8" paperback book with 192 pages.