Utterly Wicked, Hexes, Curses By Dorothy Morrison


Hexes, curses, and other unsavory notionsmost magical practitioners wont even discuss them.Why? because theyd much rather find a positive solution that benefits all concerned.And theres nothing wrong with that.Occasionally, though, our problems are such that nothing in the positive solution arena will handle them.Its time to make a decision to stand tough, be strong, and take definitive action to defend ourselves.And if youre ready to do thatif youre ready to own that action and take responsibility for itthen utterly wicked is for you.Jam-packed with more than one hundred rituals, incantations, hexes, and curses, this is the quintessential primer for learning all the magical tricks no one wants to talk about.Do you know the proper way to enter a cemetery? utterly wicked tells you how, as well as the proper methods for collecting and using graveyard dirt.Explore the little-known secrets of the 11-inch fashion doll, and see why its become such a valuable magical tool.Learn how to prepare hot foot powder, four thieves vinegar, goofer dust, and other magical components designed to obliterate your toughest problems.Most important, youll find the tools to protect yourself, your family, and your home from ever being bothered with these sorts of difficulties again.A 5.5" x 7.2" paperback book with 272 pages.