Witchcraft, Secret History (hc) By Michael Streeter


A secret history unravels the myth from the mystery, the facts from the legends.Meet the witches of your imagination and discover the true meanings of their rituals, and spells, their lore, and their craft.Learn the significance of their sabbats and covens, their chalices and wands, their incantations, and their religion.Starting with the secrets of the legendary witches of ancient mythology and folktales, this book explores how these early stories influenced the persecutions and witch-hunts of the middle ages, and the later trials in salem, massachusetts.With the pagan revival and the growth of wicca and modern magic, discover why the fires of the sabbats across europe and the new world have been rekindled and how witchcraft is a as much alive today as it has ever been.A 8 1/4" x 6 1/4" hard cover book with 256 pages.